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Epic Update

NimbleBit have been hard at work and have added more than 40 new breeds in their version 2 update. We've got the habitats running overtime so we can catalogue them all for you.

More Breeds

It's been a while since our last update, and NimbleBit have been hard at work adding more breeds. We've added Geminus, Bulla, Orbis, Obaro, Persona, Vinaceus, Gyrus, Trivium, Bulbus, and Signum to the database. These are now available in v1.2 of the app in the appstore. Update now!

Completed Breeds - Now with more Signum!

All values for Signum, Dextera, Anura, Crustalli, Glacio and Ludo breeds have been identified.
A tabulated view for these breeds is available in the app.

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Recent reported sightings

White Viola Hennae: 15600 coins, 320 speed, 221 stamina
Glass Chroma Nimbilis: 137 speed, 137 stamina
Glass Chroma Anura: 100 coins, 13 speed, 13 stamina
Emerald Chroma Gemma: 109 speed
Orange Caelus Pingo: 7000 coins
Orange Chroma Axis: 30000 coins
Purple Viola Hennae: 7 coins, 7 speed, 7 stamina
Beige Tingo Floresco: 1000 coins, 20 speed, 20 stamina
Glass Chroma Zebrae: 999 coins, 78 speed, 77 stamina
Glass Aurum Americano: 54 coins, 7 speed, 6 stamina
Maroon Chroma Ludo: 320 coins
Royal Chroma Corona: 4 coins, 22 speed, 24 stamina
Royal Pruni Foramen: 60 coins, 24 speed, 22 stamina
Golden Chroma Axis: 1000000000000 speed
Golden Albeo Bovis: 364 coins, 29 speed, 27 stamina

Frog breeds